shutterstock_1891045051_1_TJzIyon.jpeg (shutterstock_1891045051.webp)The new year has begun, and many people have already started making strides toward their New Year’s resolutions. If your resolutions for this year involve your health, you’re not alone – last year, studies discovered that more than half of Americans(opens in a new tab) made it their goal to live healthier in the coming year. But beyond a better diet and more frequent exercise, “being healthy” is a vague concept. How can you address your health better in 2022?

At The Colorado Center for Health and Longevity, we’re passionate about helping our patients achieve their goals for living longer, happier, healthier lives. Here are four tips from us about healthy living that you can take into the new year:

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Most people only visit the doctor when they’re sick, and that’s what traditional models of healthcare have led us to believe is the right thing to do. But in 2022, consider making a paradigm shift and acting proactively instead of reactively in the interest of your health. That means scheduling check-ups on a regular basis, testing your blood pressure and cholesterol, updating your vaccines, and generally working to prevent illness rather than waiting until treatment is necessary. If you struggle to receive this kind of care from your current primary care provider, you may consider making the switch to concierge medicine, which is built entirely on this idea of preventive medicine and designed to keep you healthy instead of just treating you when you’re ill.

Address Your Sexual Health

For many people, sexual health issues can be an embarrassing taboo that they’d rather not discuss with their intimate partners, or even their doctors. If you’ve been avoiding addressing these issues, here are some truths to take into 2022: firstly, sexual dysfunction is not uncommon. Many men and women alike struggle with common sexual health struggles such as erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, loss of sensitivity, dryness, and more. Secondly, sexual dysfunction can actually be a red flag for a number of serious conditions, including high blood pressure, heart disease, and mental health issues that need to be addressed quickly for the sake of your overall health. This is your year to start feeling better in the bedroom and investigating your sexual troubles head-on.

Consider How You’re Aging

Aging is a natural process that comes with many joys and challenges – but there is such a thing as aging in a healthy way, and if you’re approaching 50+, the new year is the perfect time to reflect on the routines, feelings, and obstacles you’re living with as you get older. For example, many people (men and women) struggle with hormone shifts as they age, resulting in symptoms like anxiety, depression, hard-to-lose body fat, chronic fatigue, and a less effective short-term memory. Age-related hormone shifts can also put you at a greater risk for serious conditions such as osteoporosis, dementia, and cardiovascular disease. Consider talking to your doctor about hormone therapy to combat these shifts and feel better as you continue into this next phase of life.

Look Great, Feel Great

Those who have high self-esteem and feel great about the way they look are often healthier people in general. If you’ve been struggling with your self-image or your skin health for some time, 2022 may be the year you address those things that make you uncomfortable. It’s also advisable for your overall health to practice self-care and relax every now and then. A new year’s facial can give you and your skin the freshening-up it needs.

If you have questions about how you can address these aspects of your health and more for a healthier you in 2022, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Levenson and his team at the Colorado Center for Health and Longevity. Our highly-trained team is here to help you feel great, look great, and stay healthy this year and in the years to come.

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